Why pay for diagnostics?

February 9th, 2012

   Many automotive shops still repair cars the old fashioned way-they guess at it. It's not that simple, but many mechanics base their recommendations on "pattern failures". In other words they assume that your vehicle's symptoms will be caused by common problems that they have encountered on similar vehicles. While that may be a first step in the diagnostic process, it is not enough. Basing recommendations on experience will only go so far on today's sophisticated vehicles. After that, you had better start testing systems- and testing correctly. After all, you wouldn't want your doctor treating you based on guesses!

   Today's professional shop will have thousands of dollars invested in equipment and training. Today's automotive professional, in many cases, has the equivalent of a master's degree in training. When operated correctly, the professional shop should be able to pinpoint exactly what is wrong with your vehicle, preventing expensive unnecessary repairs.

   This "expert" diagnosing has a price tag associated with it, and rightfully so. So, when your shop charges for diagnostics,as long as they are correct, be thankful that they are not guessing.  

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